less than a god, more than a man



It seems like everyone else is so certain of where they belong, but things are just sort of…confusing for me. Maybe I’ll ask what I can do to help out since the pleasure portion of my job seems to be on hold.


no. you’re not a serving girl. there’s nothing you need to help out with. if there’s something you need, you call one of them to help you or bring it to you…and if they don’t listen, just let me know. 



Quinn was surprised that he took so much concern in if she had enough to eat or not. She mostly expected him to not care about something like that whenever there were so many other things she could be doing. Instead of answering him she just nodded her head, thankful that she had such a good meal her first night there. A part of her wondered if that was going to be one of the things that she lost whenever she was being punished, but for right now it seemed like it was going to be okay. Her parents had struggled to get food on the table some nights and going a night or two without anything to eat wouldn’t be that hard for it. That was probably one of the few advantages that she had in this situation and she was thankful that her body was pretty much prepared for almost anything he could throw at it.

She didn’t know how to react as she listened to him talk about how he would punish her, but she hated the way her body was reacting. There was something slightly thrilling about hearing him say those things to her and she actually wanted to see what he’d really do. Her head nodded as she continued to listen and she felt her cheeks growing redder as he kept on informing her of what was going to happen. When he forced her legs open her first reaction was to close them, but she couldn’t as he moved between them. Her eyes seemed to move from between his face and what his hand was doing because she couldn’t fully focus on what was happening to her. The feeling of his fingers pressed against her caused her to gasp out loud and on instinct she attempted to close her legs around him.

“I’m sorry,” she murmured, feeling embarrassed as his thumb continued to rub against her clit. It was way too much and she didn’t know how to handle the things that her body was currently going through. She felt like all the blood had drained from her head and all she could focus on was the things that his fingers were doing to her. This wasn’t how she expected things to be, but she was quickly realizing why people seemed to like them so much. Her head just nodded along with the things that she said because she was almost positive that she couldn’t have argued with him if she really wanted to.


                This time, closing her legs only forced his fingers deeper between the lips of her sex.  He didn’t reprimand her or say a word when she apologized; he just simply picked up the speed and force with which he toyed with her. Gentle rubbing became determined and rough strokes.  Her body bucked slightly, and he grunted feeling more powerful than he had all day. Winning with a sword was nothing compared to this. Being able to command a body with just three fingers. He’d conquered villages on his on, and it didn’t compare to conquering this little blonde.  Puck could see in her eyes that she didn’t want to be here, might even hate him, but it didn’t stop her body from bending to his will.  There was never a control greater than this.

                He tested her passage with his fingers while he pressed her clit. His fingers barely fit the little ways he tried to push in. “Tighter than I thought,” he rasped, knowing what heaven it was going to feel like to sink in for the first time “never felt a cock…so damn snug and hot.” It was now he was forced to again exert more strength than he had all day. It took every bit of control he had to not undo the laces of his breeches and take her. The way his cock was throbbing against the material of them, he knew if even so much as let it out right now he’d lose it. He’d hoist her up against the headboard and show her little virgin body who its master was.  The sheets would be a mess with her first blood, his cum, and their sweat.  He could barely breathe for wanting it.

                “I could fuck you right now…” he threatened “flip you over and make you grip the head board while I drill this wet pussy.”  He picked up his ministrations between her legs, now having to move a hand to her hip to keep her writhing under control.  “When I start I know I won’t stop…I’ll need to take you over and over…in every way…in every room…”  Puck could see she was getting close, but her body was warring against it. He knew it was probably from over thinking it. From guilt over feeling this way at all with her captor.

                Puck pinched her clit as he massaged her inner channel. “Let it go…just close your eyes and let it all go, Quinn.”  He needed her climax more than he needed his next breath. He needed to see her pleasure, to feel it around his fingers. 

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Quinn wanted to tell him that she didn’t like the idea of anyone watching her or at least not when she was experiencing something for the first time. Even if it was the normal in the castle it wasn’t something that she wanted to be a part of in that very moment. All she really wanted was for this whole situation to be over and for her to be able to deal with everything that was going on. She knew asking for that was bound to get her in trouble, but it seemed like she was heading towards a punishment anyway. This whole thing was becoming increasingly more difficult for her to deal with and she didn’t know how how she was supposed to handle it. Maybe he’d grow tired of her and leave her be for the night, but she didn’t think she was going to end up that lucky. Not after his comments and how things seemed to be heading for them at this point.

She was thankful whenever he finally seemed to realize that she wasn’t going to grow comfortable with the idea and she wanted more than anything for this to all be over. The last thing she expected was for him to tell her that they’d discuss her disobedience after she finished eating. It didn’t exactly cross her mind that he was going to punish her, but she knew she’d deal with whatever he threw her way. There wasn’t any other option and she’d learn that this was the way her life was going to go from now on. As he uncovered the dishes she quickly followed through with his orders of eating them. Maybe she’d get lucky and he’d forget about punishing her if she followed through with what he asked her. She tried to savor the meal because it was probably one of the best things she had ever eaten, but it seemed to be gone as soon as she started to eating.

When she was finished she turned towards him with her head down, trying not to think about what was going to come to her now that she had disobeyed him. Her eyes stayed downcast as she waited for whatever instructions he was going to give her. If this was anything like the punishments her parents had dished out to her whenever she did something wrong at home then she knew she wasn’t going to like what was going to happen. “I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t mean to make you angry or disobey you.” She hoped that he believed her apology and she focused on trying to make sure she didn’t do anything else to get herself in trouble. “I’ll do whatever you’d like me to in an effort to make up for it. You can punish me however you see fit.”

Puck ended up merely picking over his own food. He kept getting distracted with looking at her. Thoughts like he’d never had before coursing though his head. He wasn’t just watching her eat and wondering how her mouth would work in other ways, or admiring the way her nude body moved. Those feelings were there, but they were distracted by other thoughts. Like, was she enjoying her meal? Were these her favorite dishes? Could he order food that would please her more? He had no idea why he cared so much, but the needed to make sure she was pleased and felt taken care of was overwhelming. So much so that he realized that he wanted to feed her himself. He wanted to cut the best bites of meat for her, watch her mouth pull them from the fork. He wanted to feed her the sweet berry and cream dessert right from his hands. To know he was nourishing her, providing for her. 

She finishes before he can male a move though, and he’s so lost in these new thoughts that he almost misses her apology. He swallows, shaking his head to clear his thoughts and registers what she’s said after a moment.  ”Are you full, do you need something more?” he asks, before he addresses the issue.  He know women only picked over food, but she seemed to eat so much less than he did. Was she really satisfied? And why did he care so much if she was? That was her job — to care for him. Already having to apologize in the first few hours meant she wasn’t doing such a good job of it. And so did the un attended hard on inside his pants. 

"I should spank you and leave you without release tonight for disrespecting me in front of your hand maiden," he acknowledged, knowing it’s how he would usually act with a female who dared deny him. "I have a leather belt…a whip too…but I prefer spanking with just my hand…your naked body writhing on my lap while I leave my hand marks your ass" Puck moved toward her, pushing her slowly back on her pillows.  "You’ll count the lashes…but you’ll lose your breath…which will only make the smacks harder…sting more." This time, he didn’t ask her to spread her legs, he did it for her. "And this will happen…" he rasped as both of their eyes went to the visible pulsing between her legs, her arousal growing again at picturing a spanking "you’ll start soaking yourself….and I’ll leave you with your hands tied to suffer the pain of your need the whole night long."

He allowed himself his first touch, using two fingers to part her swollen pink folds. His rough thumb sought out her clit, and he bit his lip as he teased the hard bud and felt her wet warmth dampening his hand.  ”Not tonight though…tonight I’ll show you the kind of pleasure you almost lost for yourself…and you’ll lay there and take it…and thank me for my mercy.”

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            Quinn was quickly growing more agitated with his commands and wished there was something she could do about getting him to stop. Hearing him tell her what she was going to be doing instead of asking her if it was what she wanted wasn’t something that she wanted to deal with. There was no faster way to get on her nerves than to treat her that way and she knew this was going to be how she had to live her life from now on. On top of all of that she was terrified by some of the things he was saying to her and had no idea what she was supposed to think about all of it. The fact that he was planning on forcing her to have some sort of orgasm whenever she clearly had no experience with that alone caused her to feel a need to get away from him.

When he took her fingers into her mouth she had no reaction besides complete shock and an urge to feel his tongue on other places. It was sort of scary and she didn’t really know what to think about the whole situation. That was nothing compared to him moving her own fingers over her body, forcing her to touch herself in places that she had never explored. Her eyes fell closed as she felt the pleasure move through her body and she wondered why she hadn’t experienced this before. She tried to listen to the things he was telling her, but her mind was focused on a million other things besides what he was saying. The main one was how good everything felt and how she didn’t know if this was something that she really wanted at that moment - despite the fact that she knew she didn’t have an option.

Her attention was pulled towards the door when she heard it open and she felt her cheeks turn bright red when the Latina woman walked inside the room. She couldn’t believe he was expecting her to bed fed while he continued to force her to touch herself in front of both of them. Instead of voicing those thoughts the only thing she seemed to be able to do was moan out softly as the pleasure she was feeling started to build up even more. “I don’t,” she breathed out, shaking her head slightly as she tried to let him know she didn’t want that. There was no way she could just sit there while some strange woman fed her and he forced her to do things to herself that she had never done before. “Please, no.”

She felt the tension in her lower stomach start to grow stronger and she didn’t really know what that actually meant. If she had been experienced then this would have been a far better experience, but all she could focus on was how embarrassed she felt. Her free hand moved to where his was currently forcing her to rub her clit and pushed it away as much as she could. The risk of her angering him was high, but she couldn’t just sit there while this was happening to her. “I’m sorry,” she said softly, looking away from him. “I don’t…know what I’m doing.”

Though he still made sure his sex was primal and animalistic to suit his tastes, it had become an almost routine and mechanical process for Puck. He would simply grab the servant or working girl he wanted, work her up a little, and then bend her over and fuck. Sometimes he went the extra mile to see that she found release as well, but most of the time he only cared about his own climax. There was never this kind of build up….and yet he found himself growing hotter than he had in almost his whole lifetime. Just her little sounds and facial expressions as she explored herself set him off more than all the other hedonistic displays that could be seen around the castle. 

When she moaned, he let out his own deep groan of satisfaction.  He’d been coming on the bed toward her, needing desperately claim that mouth of hers in a deep kiss, needing his tongue to feel her moans from the inside. He was cut short from tasting her lips though, when she seemed to flip  over the idea of continuing what they were doing while Santana fed her. “Don’t be shy…that’s how things work in this castle…sex is open…not something to be ashamed of.” Any other woman in the castle would have thought it thrilling…to be fed rich food by a serving wench while the Prince helped her through several mind numbing orgasms. It didn’t seem like even his explanation quelled Quinn’s anxieties though.

"Santana…leave us," he finally said over weighing the situation in his mind. He was shocked at his own decision. His instinct had of course first been to assert his authority over his slave by pulling her across his lap for a spanking hard enough to leave his handprint all over her ass — then tying her to the headboard while he ate her out and Santana fed her berry tarts. It was still an option for another time, but something had pushed him to give a little tonight. At least give her a little breathing room. 

Puck brought the cart closer to the bed,  sitting on the edge and uncovering the dishes.  ”Eat your dinner before it gets cold…then we’ll discuss your disobedience.”

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